4 Things To Know About Chylobinoid

1. What are the advantages of Chylobinoid over current CBD products? 

Chylobinoid offers several advantages over current CBD products. The two most notable are 1) that we believe that CBDa will prove to have superior potency (i.e. stronger effect of treating ailments) over CBD and 2) Chylobinoid is designed to bypass the liver and, therefore, it will be much better absorbed into the bloodstream after orally ingested. Thus, Chylobinoid packs a superior 1-2 punch, better potency and better absorption, relative to most CBD products on the market. In addition, since Chylobinoid is a powder, formulation into edibles and patches will be more efficient and provide greater flexibility for advanced formulations. 

2. Are there any other CBDa products on the market and how is Chylobinoid different from these products?

Currently, we know of very few CBDa containing products in that the CBDa payload is delivered to the bloodstream via the lymphatic system, as opposed to the liver like most other cannabinoid products, and, therefore, more of the payload is absorbed into the bloodstream. 

3. Does Chylobinoid take advantage of the entourage effect (using all the compounds in the hemp plant to create a CBD/CBDa where they all work together for maximum healthy)? 

Chylobinoid contains the same components that other broad-spectrum hemp extracts do so the short answer is, "yes". The technology allows for synergistic delivery of other active ingredients (e.g. vitamins, terpenes) so the full potential of the entourage effect can be explored with this technology in a totally unique way. 

4. What is the purpose/reason for magnesium?

Magnesium serves many roles. First, magnesium imparts amphiphilic (water and fat loving) properties, that is increased water and oil solubility, to CBDa. This is important because increased amphiphilicity translates into better absorption through membranes, intestinal and skin. Second, magnesium stabilizes CBDa and prevents decarboxylation to CBD. Third, magnesium allows for ease of isolation of Chylobinoid and is the main reason why Chylobinoid exists in a powder form. In other words, Chylobinoid exists in a powder form. In other words, Chyloninoid allows a deeper penetration into the skin and a more effectve reach to the site of inflammation and pain.